What You Should Know about Men’s Undershirts

Men’s undershirts enable you to avoid destroying your dress shirts and image. Most men sweat a lot during the day. The main purpose of wearing a dress shirt is to ensure that sweat does not pass through to your dress shirt. Nothing looks bad like a yellow patch of stain that forms under the armpit when a man sweats throughout the day. This stain is not only hard to remove, but it might as well not go away no matter how hard you try to remove it.

Why wear an undershirt?

Apart from protecting your dress shirt, an undershirt serves other purposes. A quality undershirt will save you the money that you would spend on cleaning your dress shirt. It acts as a barrier between your body and the clothes protecting them from body odor as well as oils that may seep into your clothes. This ensures that it keeps fit by wearing quality undershirts and your clothes remain fresh and clean for longer. If you have body hairs that you do not want to show especially on your chest, an undershirt will keep it from peaking out of the button holes. When fitted properly, undershirts improve the look and fit of the outfits that are worn at the top. It prevents bunching while maintaining a smoother layer. Undershirts are also ideal for providing a clothing layer that keeps the wearer warm when the weather is extremely cold. If the dress shirt that you wear is made of a fabric that can irritate your skin, your undershirt will act like a barrier between the scratchy and itchy fabric and your skin.

Wearing undershirts

A general rule is to always keep the undershirt invisible. It should be worn under a buttoned dress shirt or sweaters that keep it covered. However, there are seamless versions for comfort-wary persons. There are pullovers, including t shirts that can be worn without undershirts. V neck undershirts are recommended because they provide protection against sweat while allowing you to unbutton the top buttons of the dress shirt when necessary. It is important to note that the size of the v neck opening varies. Therefore, pick one whose size suits the width of your neck and shoulder scale.


The opening of the undershirt should match the shirt collar size. This ensures that the chest hair and undershirt are invisible. It is important that you always put on a nice-fitting undershirt to ensure that it does not peek out at any time. A showing undershirt will give you an extremely sloppy look and you do not want that.  Undershirts have varying sizes and there is no standardized size for them. Although you cannot try undershirts in advance while shopping online, you can still get ones that suit you depending on your body size.

White is the best

White undershirts for men are the best because white is reliable. If the undershirt happens to show by any chance, it will present you as a clean gentleman. This is why we encourage you to order white men’s undershirts from us.

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